Jacqueline Rojas Villalobos

Colombian-born Jacqueline Rojas Villalobos has lived in Berlin for more than 20 years. She's come a long way from being an immigrant with no knowledge of German to becoming a successful dentist. Continue

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A city, a shoe-shine and art
At the center of faith
Grandfather’s pharmacy
Uncertain terrain

Colombians in Germany

Visa restrictions and bureaucratic hurdles make it difficult for Colombians to travel to Germany. Of those who do make it, a striking 70 percent are women, according to official statistics.


Bogotá is bursting at the seams. At 2600 meters above sea level, the city has a population of 9 million – with newcomers arriving every day. Many new arrivals are fleeing the strife-torn regions of Colombia, where conflicts between guerrilla groups, drug traffickers and paramilitary forces are common. But Jacqueline Rojas Villalobos says that overall, the situation in Colombia has improved in recent years. Now a dentist living in Berlin, she journeys through her homeland to visit friends and family, and reacquaint herself with the country she left behind.

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