Jorge Sánchez

During his eight years in Hamburg, the Mexican Jorge Sánchez has left his mark on the local nightlife. His pseudonym as an artist merges his last name with the name of his favorite Hamburg suburb: DJ Sternsanchez. Continue

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Soccer, Fruit and Dogs
City of Churches
After the Hurricane
Masked Heroes
This is Our Land

From Mexico to Germany

Germany has been criticized for not taking great strides to attract qualified personnel from abroad. Nevertheless, Mexican talents have been profusely emigrating to German soil.


Attack dogs in Mexico City, soccer in the Aztec Stadium, Aunt Victoria in Puebla, a hurricane in Veracruz, Lucha Libre-style wrestling in the arena of Guadalajara, rock music in Chapala, and the Nahua indigenous people in Hidalco – it’s all part of DJ and Hamburg resident Jorge Sánchez Meza’s journey through central Mexico. Jorge’s immediate family lives in Nezahualcóyotl and his parents and brothers run fruit and vegetable stands around Mexico City. His travels to visit friends and relatives across Mexico take him through a country of extreme contrasts.

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