What means home to you? - Your contributions

GCG, Mexico

Coming Home means when you come back to the place where you feel yourself most comfortable and where you have the persons and things you most love.

Arvind, India

The homeland means the friends since childhood, family & relations that desired you, the neighborhood that shared your pranks, the food that was made by your mother, the fragrances of flowers around you, the climate bringing remembrance of rain, fall, snow, air, warmth and food associated along with the fruits and vegetables of home country, the style of clothing and last but not the least the religious places of family, and the language spoken around you along with the music and songs that reach ones heart more than any other thing.
Thanks for the lovely topic

Gaurav B., India

Well, Home is not a place, cause if it was just a piece of land, British would have made India their home and would never been asked to go back. Or Spaniards would have never had to leave Latin America. It’s more than just land. It’s an attachment. Where you have grown. Where you have fond memories of (considering humans tend to forget bad memories, and fortunately so).Where you have loved someone, a mother, a father, a spouse or a child. Where you can relate to people in the environment ‘cause they look feel and think just like you do. That is home. Is the imbecilic cord that attaches one to his homeland. One you cannot see, but one which is so important.

Jörg K., Toronto-Canada

I came to Canada at the age of 10 with my parents and have lived here in Montreal and Toronto ever since. When I travel home to Germany, I always feel completely at home within a day or two after arrival. I usually get a car at the airport and head out to my hotel in Neu Isenburg or to visit some relatives or friends. My first meal is usually Hand Keese mit Musik and Aepple-Woin. I love the freedom to travel by car and stay in Gasthaeuser when I get tired and hungry. I was born near the North Sea and love to visit the Kiel area where my parents were born and grew up. I still like to visit an old neighbour of mine who still lives in the same house where we grew up. It has been a great adventure of mine when in 2005, I took my daughter around the country in an RV (WoMo) and we camped in some of the most picturesque sections of Germany, especially those areas that were off limits to us in the past. DW has been a great link to my fatherland for me over the past 10 years that I have been fortunate to maintain some of my German language skills and a European perspective of world politics. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to receive DW via internet since Canadian ISP have been dropped from world distribution like US citizen were 3 years ago???

Wako W., Addis Ababa-Ethiopia

  1. For a long time living out off his home country: i.e. for education, a better life etc. After achieving his academic or financial goal: to do something, share his skill, when he or she comes back to home. “Coming home”.
  2. Coming Home (home town). The person in his country, not out of his country, he can go out for job and education in his country town. After a long time when he comes back in his native town or where his family is living, we can say “coming home”.
  3. After a long time living and working out off his country, come back and open a company in his country teaching and giving job opportunity for his country people!
  4. Coming Home (BACK TO THE ROOT)
People all over the world from poor countries they migrate in Europe for better life! After seafaring as illegal migrant the other get better life and good job opportunity, when he or she is back to home for living we can say Coming Home! Home for me! The country, a living room and house! My Home in My Country (Ethiopia, living home Addis Ababa) A home, the place to create, to plan, to achieve my goal etc. My Home is generally: WINDOW OF WORLD, ACHIEVEMENT, TARGET, ETC.

Marianne G., North Bay, Ontario-Canada

When the hotel clerk in Vienna said I can not believe that you have lived in North America over 50 years, you have no accent. When I meet an old school friend on a streetcar and finish a conversation we had the last time we met. When I walk through the woods to reach my old schoolhouse and church where I spent my formative years. When I get together with my girlfriends again and catch up on all our lives developments over a cup of coffee and cake. When I visit the cemetery to light a candle and have a conversation on the graves of the loved ones that have passed on. When I hear the church bells ringing. When I find an old store that I remember from my youth that has not been modernized and still carries the same Merchandise. When I feel the cobblestones under my feet again and hear familiar sounds I am home again.

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