Ana Aravena Gross

Chilean architect Ana Aravena Gross, who was forced to leave her country because of a military dictatorship, came to Berlin in 1994. Though life as an exile hasn’t been easy, over the years Ana has come to cherish her adopted home. Continue

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Mixed Feelings
City of her youth
The painting police officer
A sanctuary for dissidents

Chilean in Germany

The 1973 military coup by Augusto Pinochet triggered the biggest exodus in Chilean history. Thousands migrated to a then divided Germany. Almost 40 years on, Germany is still home to a thriving Chilean community.


For Ana Aravena Gross, every visit to her homeland begins in Santiago – the city where she experienced much happiness, but also great pain. But she spent her childhood in the city of Valparaíso, a one-hour journey by car. Her family – those who have not yet emigrated – still live there. Ana’s travels also take her north to the Atacama – the driest desert in the world. She visited it the first time as a student, and it still fascinates her today. After a brief stop to see a friend in Copiapó, she continues south to the Chilean wilderness.

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