Victoria Bürgin

She's a seamstress, costume designer, model builder, and a tango enthusiast; an artist and shop assistant; and German Argentine or an Argentinean German: Victoria Bürgin lives in Hamburg and is many women at once. Continue

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Home Is Where the Heart Is
In the Heat of Chaco
Following in the Footsteps of the Incas
City of Wine
Patagonia on Horseback

Argentines in Germany

According to statistics, the number of immigrated Argentines is around 5,000. They tend to be younger and mostly female. But how many and what kind of Argentines live in Germany? The reality is richer than the numbers.


When Victoria Bürgin sets out on the long journey home, it’s mainly to see her family. She was born and raised in Buenos Aires, and trained there as a seamstress. Her father operates an air conditioner workshop in the city, and her two sisters also live there. But her friends and relatives are scattered far and wide across Argentina. Her personal expedition takes her from scorching hot Chaco in the north across the scenic Catamarca mountains south to Patagonia and the famous Perito Moreno glacier.

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