Alex Flemming

Renowned Brazilian-born artist Alex Flemming has lived in Berlin for more than a decade. The German capital, with its cosmopolitan and at the same time provincial feel, provides the perfect setting for his art. Continue

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A true Paulista
The Rome of the 21st century
City of vultures
Among the Cariocas

Brazilians in Germany

Brazilians are one of Germany's fastest-growing groups of foreigners. They've brought a new vibrancy and feel to a country that traditionally hasn't considered itself a nation of immigration.


Alex Flemming says São Paulo is ugly – but its ugliness is part of its charm. A painter and sculptor well-known in his homeland of Brazil, Alex was born in São Paulo, a city of 12 million. After visiting his home town, he continues to the capital of Brasilia – the “Rome of the 21st century” – and then to the tropical city of Belém at the mouth of the Amazon. Next he continues to Rio de Janeiro – São Paulo’s lovely and captivating sister. Finally, on the beach of Ipanema, Alex makes a surprising discovery about what it means to come home.

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